Craig visits Ramsgate Jobcentre to learn more about the support available to people in South Thanet

South Thanet MP, Craig Mackinlay, has met with Department for Work and Pensions’ Service Leader in Kent, Sarah Kennett OBE, and her colleagues at Ramsgate Jobcentre to be briefed on the progress of the roll out of Universal Credit.

Universal Credit - which was introduced in Thanet in July and September 2017 - is a major reform that is transforming the welfare state.

At the heart of the policy is a belief that work should always pay.

Under the new system, benefit is gradually tapered as claimants start work or increase their earnings, meaning their total income always goes up and a broader span of claimants are required to look for work than previously under Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Official figures indicate that people claiming Universal Credit are 13 per cent more likely to be in work than people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance, earning more money and more willing to take a job. 
Craig Mackinlay MP commented:

CM Ramsgate Harbour background 8 Feb18.jpg

“I am very grateful to our DWP Kent Service Leader,Sarah Kennett OBE, and her colleagues at Ramsgate Jobcentre for agreeing to host my visit and for taking the time to brief me on the range of support on offer to my South Thanet constituents.

“Sarah and her colleagues do fantastic work in Thanet helping those who can work into sustainable jobs, while ensuring that those who cannot work remain fully supported as we make the full transition to Universal Credit.

“Latest figures show that there are now a record number of people in work, with over 3 million more people in jobs than in 2010. Over three quarters of the rise in employment have been full-time jobs.

“There still remains much work to be done, but the dramatic falls in unemployment nationally since 2010 shows that the current approach is working.”

DWP Kent Service Leader, Sarah Kennett OBE, said:

“I would like to thank Craig Mackinlay MP for taking the opportunity of visiting Ramsgate Jobcentre.

“I am pleased that he has taken a keen interest in the work we are doing day in day out, to support the vulnerable within our community and to provide help to those seeking to secure and retain employment in the labour market.”