Craig welcomes announcement that millions of Brexit 50p coins are to be minted in time for 31st October

Craig Mackinlay MP has hailed the news that millions of 50p coins will be minted in time for 31st October under the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid’s plans.

Under the previous Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, around 10,000 commemorative coins – costing £10 each – were to be produced. However, the new Chancellor – who is also Master of the Mint – has asked officials to look at whether the seven-sided coin can be produced in huge volumes in time for Brexit Day with a view to having some three million 50ps in circulation.


The new coins will still be marked with the words “Friendship with all nations”, but will be stamped with the new Brexit date, 31st October 2019 rather than the previous date, 29th March 2019.

Craig Mackinlay MP commented:

“Our joining the then EEC was commemorated with millions of 50p coins minted for general circulation; I am really pleased to see that the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced that our departure from the EU should similarly be marked with a general circulation coin.

“This is a time for national celebration that our independence and new global freedom is with us.

“Great news and a clear, positive indication of intent from the Prime Minister and his new government.”