Craig attends opening of £160m Biomass Plant in Discovery Park, Sandwich

Craig Mackinlay MP has attended the opening of a new £160m Biomass Plant in Discovery Park near Sandwich in Kent, one of Europe’s leading Science and Technology hubs.

CM at Biomass Plant opening4 Sept18.jpg

The Biomass Plant will use locally sourced wood fuel to generate sustainable heat and power for Discovery Park and up to 50,000 households. This will significantly reduce energy costs, the local area’s carbon footprint and add to the UK’s energy security by providing a constant base-load of energy provision. South Thanet is at the forefront of new renewable energy technology with its unique mix of offshore wind, solar and biogas with no other UK constituency with this mix of energy generation. The development has also provided a boost to the local economy, with 400 full time jobs during the construction phase and plans for 30 permanent jobs established at the site for the plant’s lifetime of 20 years.

Craig Mackinlay MP commented:

“I cannot stress enough how important and beneficial this Biomass Plant will be, not just for my South Thanet constituency, but for the whole of East Kent, thanks to the investment. 

“As well as meeting Discovery Park’s needs, the Plant will be able to produce power for tens of thousands of homes and deliver CO2 savings of approximately 100,000 tonnes every year. This is in addition to the jobs and economic benefits it will provide to Kent.

“Sandwich is a very welcome home for the Plant.”