Craig Mackinlay MP hosts successful evening in Parliament for listed property owners

On the evening of Wednesday 19th July, South Thanet’s Member of Parliament and Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Listed Properties, Craig Mackinlay MP, hosted an event at the House of Commons for the Listed Property Owners’ Club (LPOC).

This event provided listed property owners who are members of LPOC with the opportunity to meet MPs and talk about the on-going battles they have as ordinary people owning a slice of Britain’s heritage face.

The challenges listed property owners face go back to 2012 when the Government removed the VAT concession on authorised alterations to Listed Buildings. This concession, introduced some years ago, not only assisted owners but more importantly warned conservation officers in advance of unsuitable changes. Now there are concerns that this change, plus local government red tape, is not only preventing many people adapting their home for modern day living, but it is also increasing the amount of unauthorised work being carried out on properties that represent a major part of the nation’s heritage.

In the coming months LPOC will undertake an evidence gathering session as part of their Campaign for Owners. The aim of the session will be to give LPOC members the opportunity to formally provide evidence on the core issues the Listed Properties APPG is fighting for. 

Craig commented:

“It has long been known how onerous it can be for owners of a listed property to maintain or make additions to their building.

“As the Chair of the Listed Properties APPG, I hosted this event in order to raise awareness of this little-known difficulty that many people around the country face.

“After hearing various stories from owners at the event, including from my own constituent Mr Sterba, it shows just how diverse the individual issues people are facing really are.

“Many do not receive the support they need from conservation officers, and the 20% VAT for alterations impedes the desire to maintain their buildings.

“I want this to change.”