Craig celebrates local charity trustees for their hard work during Trustees’ Week 2017

During Trustees’ Week 2017, Craig Mackinlay, MP for South Thanet, is thanking charity trustees for their dedicated work in running local charities and serving the community. Trustees’ Week runs from 13-17 November 2017.

Craig supporting Lions World Sight Awareness

Craig supporting Lions World Sight Awareness

There are around 260 registered charities operating in South Thanet, offering a number of essential services both locally and nationally. Trustees, most of whom are volunteers, are the heart and soul of these charities and ultimately take responsibility for the charity’s crucial work.

Trustees’ Week celebrates the people behind the country’s thriving charitable sector and aims to encourage others to consider trusteeship. It highlights the invaluable skills and experience one can gain whilst making significant progress within a charity they are passionate about.

Craig Mackinlay MP commented:

Craig taking part in the #EveryCanHelps campaign at Tesco, Westwood Cross for Trussell Trust Food Bank

Craig taking part in the #EveryCanHelps campaign at Tesco, Westwood Cross for Trussell Trust Food Bank

“We have some fantastic local charities in South Thanet doing essential work locally and nationally. Trustees hold a breath of skills and experience that collectively come together to make charitable causes and projects possible. I want to take this opportunity during Trustees’ Week to applaud their hard work and their dedication to the people of this community. 

“I encourage everyone, especially those who are passionate about a particular cause, to consider trusteeship and use their strengths and ambitions as drivers for change. It is a great way to learn new skills and gain invaluable experience, which of course could lead to new opportunities.”

Helen Stephenson, Chief Executive of the Charity Commission, said:

“Trustees are the people behind the scenes working tirelessly to tackle some of society’s most complex issues and assist some of the most vulnerable of people; I would like to use this Trustees’ Week to celebrate the vital work that they are doing.

“As the backbone of their charities, it’s important that trustees collectively bring a breadth of skills and experiences from all walks of life.  We want to encourage people from every background to consider becoming a charity trustee to make sure charities can meet the needs of their diverse beneficiaries.”

If you want to make a difference or fight for a cause you are passionate about, trusteeship is a fantastic way to achieve this. The Charity Commission has an online register of over 167,000 charities where you can search for registered charities that may work in an area you care about.

If you want to know more about what it means to be a charity trustee, you can find more information on”

To learn more about Trustees’ Week and trusteeship, visit