Craig reminds everyone to get vaccinated to help protect themselves against infectious diseases

Craig Mackinlay MP today attended Westminster Flu Day, an annual vaccination clinic held in the House of Commons, to learn about the importance of vaccination to support good health at all stages of life and how he can work with the NHS locally to increase coverage rates in our area.

Parliamentarians who are not eligible for a free seasonal flu vaccine on the NHS made a £10 donation to Carers Trust. £10 is equivalent to the cost of a private vaccination.

Vaccination supports good health at all stages of life and only clean water rivals vaccines at reducing infectious diseases and deaths. When vaccination rates fall, outbreaks can occur with potentially serious consequences such as the 2012-13 measles outbreak in Swansea, which resulted in 1,202 reported cases, 88 hospital admissions and 1 death.

Craig Mackinlay MP said:

CM at Westminster Flu Day Oct17.jpg

 Make sure you are up to date with your vaccines to help protect yourself against infectious diseases. For more information on which vaccines you and your family are entitled to, have a look at Public Health England’s Immunisation Schedule.”

Westminster Flu Day is an established event in the Parliamentary calendar. It is sponsored by the ABPI Vaccine Group in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing and Carers Trust and with the support of the Department of Health and Public Health England.