Designing a good Christmas card can be a particularly challenging experience for any MP. Get it right and the cards you send will find a happy place on numerous walls and tables across the area.

I quickly realised that to avoid embarrassment I would need some help, and urgently I turned to the most imaginative and creative people I know in the area: local school children. I invited all the local primary schools to submit their designs for my Christmas card. The winner of the competition was to have their design on the front page of my card and the runners up on the back page. 

I was completely overwhelmed by the responses that I received. I had not realised how many talented artists called Thanet their home. In the end I was spoilt for choice and I am extremely grateful to all of those who sent in their designs to help an MP so out of his depth. Without any further delay I am pleased to announce that the winner of my 2016 Christmas card competition is Saskia from St. Joseph's. 

The winner of my 2016 Christmas Card competition

The winner of my 2016 Christmas Card competition

With so many brilliant designs it was impossible to pick just one runner-up. As such the following six designs will all feature on the back of my Christmas Card.  

Thank you once again for everyone who took the time to enter. Look out for you Christmas Card below:

Bromstone Primary School:

Christ Church Junior School:

Cliftonville Primary School:

Saint Joseph's Catholic Primary School

St Lawrence College Junior School

St Peter-in-Thanet C.E. Junior School

Wellesley House School