Ramsgate has acres of potential, but it has not had its fair-share.  I'm changing that - here's how...

September 2015

Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate, Kent

For years, there has been too much talk and too little action in our town. I got the key players together (50 representatives from local groups) to come up with a clear plan to improve our area.  They formed the Ramsgate Regeneration Alliance.

March 2016

House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

I've always believed that if you want something done you ask the boss, so I did.  I asked David Cameron, the Prime Minister, to back regeneration in Ramsgate - and he did.  He said he would send the Coastal Communities Minister to see the town at the earliest opportunity. 

April 2016

Ramsgate Harbour Front, Kent

As promised, the Coastal Minister was despatched to inspect Ramsgate and listen to what townsfolk had to say. He told the town to prepare and submit a Coastal Communities Fund bid for investment, which he would review.

July 2016

Royal Harbour Yacht Club, Ramsgate, Kent

As instructed we submitted our application with the CCT finalising the plans from my office in Westminster.  We launched the bid at the July meeting of the Ramsgate Regeneration Alliance. Here is what the bid contained:

- Major renovation of the Military Wall
- Total redesign of Harbour Street’s streetscape
- Major internal marketing process
- New signage for the town
- Renovated Leopold Street Carpark
— Ramsgate CCF Bid

I think that this project would be a huge first step for Ramsgate. I need your help to deliver it though.

I need your help, here's how...



Tell the Coastal Communities Minister, Andrew Percy, that you support Ramsgate's bid for Coastal Community Funding.  Fill in the form here: http://forms.communities.gov.uk/



Email Chris Wells, Leader of Thanet District Council, and let him know that it is time for Ramsgate to get its fair-share.  His email is: cllr-chris.wells@thanet.gov.uk



Encourage your friends and family to visit Ramsgate - it's a great place!