The Future of Ramsgate Port

This month Thanet District Council will open a public consultation on their Local Plan. The Local Plan is a strategy for all future developments in the local area. One of the most important aspects will be deciding what the future of Ramsgate Port should be. 

Thanet District Council continue to look for a ferry operator, and in the interim have allowed various short-term industrial uses to fill up a financial black-hole.

Since the failure of TransEuropa Ferries four years ago, no serious ferry operator has come forward to run a service from Ramsgate. Once the £200m expansion of Dover Harbour is completed it is difficult to see this changing; if anything it will add to the supremacy of Dover as the primary cross-channel port for the South-East.   

Ramsgate Port

Ramsgate Port

This stagnant, vacant port has cost Thanet District Council almost £8m over the last five years, with this money coming directly from local people. Despite the losses caused by this industrial policy, TDC is looking to further expand industrial operations at the site. Many of you will remember the plans for an aggregate plant at the port which rightly caused local outrage. These proposals would have damaged not just the environment but our local economy.

I firmly believe that we need to think of a radical new alternative for Ramsgate Port, one which does not involve heavy polluting industries in the heart of our town. Personally, I would like to see the Port become more leisure based, with a focus on a range of light non-polluting industries and tourism.  This will help to regenerate our area, creating new jobs and business opportunities, while protecting our unique maritime heritage.

This consultation on the Local Plan gives all of us the opportunity to force TDC to permanently abandon their economically and environmentally damaging plans for Ramsgate Port. 

The survey below will enable you to tell me directly what you think the future of Ramsgate Port should be. I will also send the results of this survey directly to TDC, to ensure your views are represented in the consultation of the new Local Plan. Please encourage your friends, family and neighbours to also complete this survey. 

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