European Scrutiny Committee

The Committee assesses the legal and political importance of draft EU legislation and decides which EU documents are debated. The Committee also monitors the activities of UK Ministers in the European Union, and keeps, legal, procedural and institutional developments in the EU under review. This amounts to around 1,100 documents a session. The image to the right shows just one week of EU diktats which must be analysed.

The Committee has previously conducted inquiries into topics ranging from the migration crisis to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. The Committee is currently holding a number of inquiries including into EU Council decision making and EU port regulations. This in an inquiry of particular relevance for Ramsgate, given our continued fight to ban the cruel practice of live animal exports from our port.

The Committee is currently considering how the monumental decision taken by the British People to vote to leave the EU will impact the role of the Committee. I imagine the Committee will become increasingly busy over the following months and years and will continue to have a key role to play in scrutinising EU legislation.